Friday, February 1, 2013

Why I Rise - Part 33

"I experienced violence from my mom until I was 21. I saw my step-dad and my mom fighting, where she will end up in the hospital. I intervened every single time to separate them. I took the baby many times, my half-brother from those scenes, so he wouldn't experience seeing domestic violence. Because of my own experiences, I rise with a One Billion Rising because I am a peacemaker and there is something more powerful than a fits, a kiss, a hug a good friend.."

Sonia Quiroga Thomas

Olanova, is a refashion support for women. Ola means wave in Spanish and for
us movement, making big waves, and nova in Latin means "new" but also is the
brighest and the one that contains the most energy in the universe, creating
super-novas. For us, in other words, is a new fashion movement that supports
women with their business. We have a beautiful Olanova Recycling Pencil
Skirt, Olanova T-shirt Local Made and the refashion pieces. For every
clothes that we sell, Olanova gives the money to womenpreneur in need. If
you donate your clothes to us, we will refashion it and make it from it
something beautiful, something new. Olanova, gives you the opportunty to
feel good on our clothes and do good a the same time by helping another
women in need.

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  1. Honor to be part of this movement. Sonia Q. Thomas Founder


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